headshot of jay clark wearing a dark gray top over a white graphic tee with a wry smile and dark horn rimmed glasses and mussed up medium length hair. clark is in a sunny outdoor scene with a building in the background


Creative Writing (BFA)

Jay Clark (he/him) is a sometimes-writer, sometimes-jeweler, and an always-fan of the strange, odd, and absurd. After devouring every genre that’s been placed in front of him, he’s comfortably settled in writing blends of science fiction and monster horror, always interrogating what it means to be a human being on planet Earth.

Writing is the best place for the strange, the terrifying, and the uncomfortable. As Richard Siken said: “paper is cheap and no one really gets hurt.”

 You can see what Jay is up to on Instagram @cyanocittus, and check out his writing in issues 13 & 14 of UArts’ very own Underground Pool.


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