Underground Pool

Underground Pool, the student literary magazine of University of the Arts, is published each spring by the Creative Writing program. Students in Creative Writing and Graphic Design serve as each year's editors and designers. Every issue features short fiction, poetry and artwork by undergraduates from all majors at UArts.

With the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, Underground Pool moved to an all-online format, expanding to include music, dance, spoken word, and more. The theme of the Spring 2021 issue was Containment; in Spring 2022, the theme is Returning.

In 2023, Underground Pool returned to its print format. 

Current Issue
Read the 2023 issue of Underground Pool: Vol. 13.

Submission Guidelines

Underground Pool publishes original poems, short stories, audio pieces and artwork from current undergraduates in all majors at UArts. Click here to submit your work. The annual submission deadline is December 1.

Short stories: submit one per issue, under 5,000 words. Stories selected for each issue will be illustrated by UArts Illustration majors.

Poems: submit up to three per issue, of any length.

Screenplays: submit 2-3 pages (single location recommended).

Please submit writing as attachments in editable word documents (for instance, MS Word).

Artwork: submit illustration, photography, comics (and anything else – we're open!) as high-quality jpg files. Note that magazine pages are vertical and images will be proportionately scaled down to fit pages.

Audio: submit .wav or .mp3 files no longer than 4:30.

Video: submit 1080p HD video (16:9 aspect ratio), 1920 x 1080 px, MP4 format.

Previous Issues