headshot of Gavin Thomas Walters. wearing a black top with one wooden toggle visible. Gavin is against a cream background and has a trim beard and mustache.


Animation (BFA)

Growing up in the 2000s, I was obsessed with the shows on Cartoon Network. I soon began drawing and studying animation with the singular aspiration to just keep improving. Curiosity is the greatest asset of any artist and learning to take the time to absorb all aspects of life that inspire your vocation is essential. The array of courses offered in UArts' animation program are doing just that for me.

three alien character designs by Gavin Thomas Walters, '23. the characters have gray faces with wide eyes and wide smiles. from left to right, the characters wear different outfits, from red to green to blue.
Three character designs by Gavin Thomas Walters


landscape by Gavin Thomas Walters showing an extraterrestrial desert landscape rendered in deep yellowish browns. a canyon ends in a huge cave with sparse conical pine tree-looking objects on the plateau above.
Landscape by Gavin Thomas Walters


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