headshot of Hail Thomas wearing a a pink hoodie and small surfer-type necklace. hail has a wide smile and is posed in front of a closet. hail has stretched lobes and a septum and eyebrow piercing.


Animation (BFA)

I'm grateful for the accepting community of UArts! I find my teachers to be a great source of advice and critique for my work ... even outside of class I can always rely on them for help.

a character turnaround by hail thomas showing a rabbit character from all angles. the hare is anthropomorphic, holding her right hand across her chest clutching her left arm. the image is framed with rabbit head im ages. in the bottom left is written "ren the hare" and at the top is "she/her - 21 - civil engineering major"
Character turnaround of Ren the Hare by Hail Thomas
a character design by hail thomas depicting an android. the robot has a circular head with a single giant eye. the body is a brownish gray with gold detailing. from left the right, the character evolves from pristine to cracked, weathered, missing an arm, and with leaves sprouting from joints in the body.
Character turnaround by Hail Thomas


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