headshot of tiphany jackson. tiphany is smiling and looking towards the upper right. tiphany has thick black curly hair and is wearing pinkish horn-rimmed glasses.


Animation (BFA)

From faculty to students, I have met some of the most talented, kind, and funniest people in the Animation program. I found it easy to make friends here with similar interests, and being able to socialize and foster creativity with others has made my journey at UArts a very enjoyable one. I see myself keeping lifelong relationships with many of my peers, and I hope upcoming students will be able to have a similar experience in their own time at UArts.

artwork by tiphany jackson depicting a seated astronaut in a white space suit against a violet space background with one hand on their right knee and one reaching up to a star sprinkled vortex directly above
Character design by Tiphany Jackson
several characters by Tiphany Jackson, depicting a person with long curly hair against a pinkish background. one iteration on the left is wearing a skirt and pink hoodie and is running left while waving at someone. a person in the center looks calmly ahead in a yellow jumper. in the top right a character in a brown shirt is crying with one hand to their mouth. in the bottom right a person is sitting sadly with a purple conch in hand
Character design by Tiphany Jackson


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