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MDes '19

Product Design (MDes)

This program taught me firsthand that the most valuable lessons result from the most challenging visions if you put apprehension aside and keep pushing forward.

Charlie Ehlers is an alumnus of the Masters of Product Design (MDes) program of the University of the Arts. Charlie currently works as a Product Designer for Sharing Excess, a Philadelphia startup connecting colleges and communities to reduce hunger and food waste. He received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design from the Herberger Institute of Design at Arizona State University and worked as a Graphic Designer for Protiviti Consulting in Manhattan. His greatest strengths are his technical diversity as a designer-maker and his willingness to continually refine concepts. Charlie is also a dedicated guitarist with an immense passion for music and hopes to bring his skills and ideas to the industry as a working professional in the near future. 

Charlie Ehlers' design "Impulse."
Charlie Ehlers' design "Impulse."

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