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MDes '19

Product Design (MDes)

What I really loved about the Product Design (MDes) program was that with each project I had the freedom to dip my toes, sometimes quite deeply, into an entirely new field. Whether it was material and process exposure, learning about local manufacturing, or in-depth research on material supply chain impacts, I came away from each project as a degree of expertise. 

I've always had a passion for making. I came into the Product Design (MDes) program to learn how to make at a higher level. With the foundational skills I fostered during my BA in Studio Arts, I advanced to a new sphere of possibilities and awareness in product design. From hands-on experience and guided instruction in digital fabrication tools, to concept building and assumption challenging discussions in design thinking, I came away from UArts with a new bag of skills and insight into the business of design. Today, I'm working as a product designer and production manager at KerfCase. The business is driven by our wooden cell phone cases and supplemented by various tech and home goods. Everything is made in-house. We are both designers and manufacturers. With much excitement, our catalog of products is growing as my training in product design is being put to good use. 

Seth Gamson's design Terra Shelf
Seth Gamson's design 'Terra Shelf'

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