Kent Wang Headshot

MDes '17

Product Design (MDes)

It's all about questioning, self-destructing, reconnecting, and then evoking the spirit that leads me to the true path. But the prerequisite of all these is 'I want to believe'.

Kent Wang's design 'Midas', Product Design MDes alumni
Kent Wang's design "MIDAS"–a musical instrument

I am a Chinese designer working in the U.S. to deal with the real world; I fuse system and object into the product to serve the people. I believe that is the minimalistic sentence to describe me, and I do enjoy it.

Kent Wang's design 'Abstract Toolkit', Product Design MDes alumni
Kent Wang's design "Abstract Toolkit"–a toolkit to help better understand learning environments and systems.
Kent Wang Snap Grid
Kent Wang's design "Snap Grid"

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