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MDes '19

Product Design (MDes)

Product Design to me is a cross pollination between all disciplines. Wherever you find your curiosity, dive in and stay longer because the result will be blooming. 

Nhi Ton is currently a Fellowship award winner in Product Design at the University of the Arts. Having a background in business management, she came to the USA to pursue her dream of art and design. Her eyes are full of curiosity for learning. Nhi is passionate about making objects that have different looks but have practical use. Nature and culture are the biggest influences on her design philosophy. Therefore, her work is a blend of exploring traditional craft and minimalism with a concentrated focus on user interactions.

Nhi Ton's thesis work inspired by Origami
Nhi Ton's thesis work inspired by Origami

Her thesis work focuses on learning the fundamentals of Origami. She explores the art and science behind mountain and valley folds, and what it can do for design products and the world around us.

Nhi started learning about jewelry design in her graduate work and has since developed an eclectic skill set. Her work comprises of abstract forms and simplistic structures emanating nature. 

Nhi Ton's jewelry designs
Nhi Ton's jewelry designs

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