A headshot of Moises Oliveri '21 (Game Art)


Game Art (BFA)

Hi, I’m Moises Oliveri and I'm a Game Art major at UArts. Since being in the program, I've gone from having close to no knowledge of game development to being proficient in the various pipelines involved. I’ve released several short projects this past year, completed every possible class for the Game Art major, and am now focusing on Creative Writing courses so that I can produce the stories necessary for my games. The types of games I make are primarily narrative-driven. I love games that capture or make the audience feel different emotions, which is what I strive to do in my work. My long term goal is to open an indie studio that creates narrative games. I find it important to believe in oneself and I feel that one can accomplish almost anything if they really want to. That’s why I aim to open a studio. I don’t think it’ll be easy or fast, but I think I can do it.

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A game still of a purple course that the player must navigate. Game is title Limpiar by Moises Oliveri '21 (Game Art).
Still from the game Limpiar by Moises Oliveri '21


An animated gif of a pixelated character running by Moises Oliveri '21 (Game Art)

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