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Graduate Certificates (Arts, Educational Technology)

Professional Institute for Educators Graduate Certificates are 16-credit credentials for K-12 educators offered in the Arts and in Educational Technology

• Arts – The process of creating fuels learning and innovation in today’s classroom.  Designed for all K-12 educators who desire to deeply explore teaching in and through the arts.

 Educational Technology – Learn to integrate technology into teaching and learning, coordinate and manage technological resources, and deeply explore technology in curriculum and instruction

Graduate Certificates can be completed on their own or can be applied towards a MEd in either Educational Technology or Educational Program Design.

Arts Education

Arts education is central to today's multi-disciplinary learning environment.  A substantive and creative arts education experience includes deep knowledge and understanding of the visual (2-D + 3-D) and performing arts.  Explore how the process of creating, designing and making can anchor learning and innovation.  Creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration underscores all that we do as educators.   Courses are designed for K-12 teachers across all subject areas.

Program Requirements (16 Credits)

Required Courses (13 credits)

  • Select 4 courses from subject: VPAS | 12 credits

  • VPAS 699 Arts Education Capstone | 1 credits

Electives (3 credits)

  •  Select 1 course from subjects: ETEC, INCL, LITY, MTEC, PRES, UTPS, or VPAS | 3 credits


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Educational Technology

Our technology-infused lives enable K-12 students to communicate, analyze, synthesize and evaluate their own learning, and to better understand the world around them in new and compelling ways.  Explore the best ways for you to integrate and use technology in your own teaching, coordinate classroom and school technology needs, learn to manage technological resources, and optimize technology for instruction.  Come away with multiple strategies for digital projects and curricula within your classroom, school, and/or district.

Program Requirements (16 credits)

Required Courses (13 credits)

  • Select 4 courses from subject: ETEC | 12 credits

  • ETEC 699 Educational Technology Capstone | 1 credit

Electives (3 credits)

  • Select 1 course from subjects: ETEC, INCL, LITY, MTEC, PRES, UTPS, or VPAS | 3 credits


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Meet our faculty

Sarah Eckert headshot
Sarah Eckert

Director, Professional Institute for Educators + MEd Programs, School of Professional Studies


Students enrolled in Graduate Certificate programs are considered matriculated students.  Matriculated students are required to pay course tuition and fees in full each semester. Graduate programs offered by the School of Professional Studies are not eligible for Federal Financial Student Aid.  Please contact Student Financial Services to discuss options for alternative and/or private loans at (215)717-6170.

Course fees vary by class and are applied to specific operational costs incurred in certain classes, studios or labs. Payment of fees assigned to courses is nonrefundable. Students are responsible for obtaining their own course materials and supplies. Supply lists specific to each class are included in the syllabi posted online at least one week prior to class.

Matriculated students cannot redeem tuition discounts offered by the Professional Institute for Educators.

 Academic Year 2018-2019 

       Tuition: $675 per credit / $2,025 for 3 credit course
       Fees: Varies by course, typically $50 - $100

• Submission of a completed application form or online application.

• Nonrefundable application fee of $60 to be paid by check, money order or credit card.  The fee must be payable in U.S. currency and all checks must be drawn on U.S. banks. 

• Official transcripts sent directly from each undergraduate and graduate school(s) attended.  Transcripts, including secure eTranscripts, should be sent directly by the Registrar's Office at the college(s) or school(s) involved to med@uarts.edu or by mail to:

 Attn: Professional Institute for Educators
    University of the Arts
    320 South Broad St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19102

For transcripts from outside the United States, please refer to the instructions in the transcript section for international students.

• Statement of applicant’s academic and professional goals, 2-3 pages long, stating professional plans, interests, and goals.

• Resume or CV including the applicant’s name; address; phone; email; colleges attended with degrees, dates conferred, employment history; professional experience; present employer; and names of references.

•  1 current Letter of Recommendation. 

Note: Neither MEd Programs nor Graduate Certificates lead to PA Dept of Education Certification. These programs are designed for K-12 in-service teachers. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

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