Headshot of Natalie Duvall

Natalie Duvall, EdD, MFA, MEd, MA

Director, Professional Institute for Educators and MEd Programs


Become an educator and you’ll never work a day in your life. You’ll play, you’ll create, you’ll comfort, you’ll critique, and you’ll inspire. But you’ll never work.

Natalie Duvall received her doctorate in education from Johns Hopkins University in 2016.  Her area of concentration was mind, brain and teaching, and she specifically studied student motivation. She has presented her work at multiple regional, national and international conferences. She co-created the student motivational software Relate to Motivate (R2M) with her husband, Dr. Matthew Duvall.

In addition to her work in education, she is a published fiction writer and instructor, and helped co-compile the Amazon bestselling charity anthology, Hazard Yet Forward.

Natalie taught in the PIE and MEd programs for several years before becoming director in the summer of 2021. She enjoys watching PIE and MEd students discover new tools and strategies that they can implement in their classrooms immediately. 

In addition to her work at UArts, she is also a full-time high school English teacher at a residential school serving students from backgrounds of social and economic need. She is the vice president of her local school board. She has three beloved children and two tolerated cats.

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