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Tutoring at UArts

Tutoring is available to all students, free of charge, in all subjects and courses!

Sessions are offered both virtually and in-person

Tutoring supplements classroom and studio instruction and is a great resource for students looking to  improve skills in writing, studio classes, ESL, reading and other academic areas.

Schedule a Tutoring Appointment

Schedule a one-time or weekly tutoring appointment for any course or subject.

  • After clicking the link above, click the "Get Started" button, enter your UArts email and create a password.

  • Once you have logged in, you can enter the UArts Tutoring community.

  • When you click on the "Learn" button, either schedule a one time appointment or weekly appointment.

  • Then you will be able to search for the course you need help in, find a time that matches your availability and pick a tutor to work with.

  • After you make your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation.

  • If you can't find a tutor for your course, click the button to let the center know. Or you can always email


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Writing Tutoring and Resources

Studio and Course Tutoring and Resources

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Learning Style

Knowing your Learning Style can help you when it comes to finding ways to study and complete school work, leading you to be a more successful student. 

The four main types of learning are:
  • VISUAL - using images, diagrams, and written directions to better understand concepts; preferring to learn when topics are presented visually.
  • AUDITORY - prefer to learn through hearing lectures, and when sound is used to reinforce learning; often read material aloud to themselves to assist in understanding.
  • KINESTHETIC -  learn best through physically engaging with the learning the material; learn through experience the topics, acting out the learning the material, and through touch.
  • READING / WRITING - preferring to learn through written word; find expression through research, reading articles/ books, and writing assignments.

If you do not already know your learning style, you can take this short (2 minutes) quiz here!

Helpful Print Outs

Helpful Study Print Outs

Here are some useful documents that you can download, or print out to keep on hand while you are studying!

  • Download this calendar to help you plan you week with classes, work, and study time. 
  • Learn the most effective way to study with this Study Cycle information sheet

Tutoring Resources for Graduate Students

Tutoring is available for graduate students. Check out the tabs below to learn more. 

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UArts Library Resources

Research Assistance


Your UArts Libraries offers extensive coverage of the academic literature targeted for the graduate degree fields offered at UArts, read on for just a few examples:

Circulating Resources

  • A curated collection of materials ranging from academic and arts focused books,to periodicals, music scores, exhibition catalogs, and more, which you can browse in the library and bring home to enjoy.

Special Collections 

  • Our special collections houses over 600 book arts materials, a growing collection of zines, and rare materials “uniquely UArts” to help inform your creative practices.

Online Resources

  • OneSearch, our main library search engine helps you search multiple online resources at the same time. 

  • Housing scholarly, popular, trade, and news materials, subscriptions to large resources such as EBSCOhost and ProQuest, and niche resources such as Art History Research net and Rock’s Backpages, the libraries’ digital resources are available for your use around the clock! 

  • We subscribe to the JSTOR arts collections to allow you instant discovery of materials for your use.

  • Reference resources (including Oxford sources covering art, dance, theater, music and more) covering the visual and performing arts, as well as literature, are available to help you find relevant background information on countless topics.

  • Our ARTstor subscription provides access to not only the full ARTstor image resources, but also the curated UArts collection. 

  • Unlimited access to The New York Times current news and archives.

  • Unlimited access to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

  • The combination of individually selected eBooks and eBook subscriptions ensure you have access to over 200,000 items from any location.

  • Alexander Street, Kanopy, Shakespeare's Globe On Screen,, Qwest TV, and more offer feature films, documentaries, and captured performances for your research and recreational needs. 

  • Our archives and UArts Digital Collections capture over 140+ years of UArts history!

Writing Services

Writing services for graduate students at UArts

  • Graduate students working on their thesis may work one-to-one throughout the semester and academic year with an academic advisor or tutor. 

External writing services for graduate students

  • For additional help with thesis editing, or a final proof read, please use one of these resources (they are not affiliated with UArts)