A black and white photograph of Jessi Kaufman smiling

BFA '22

Photography (BFA)

Jessica Kaufman is a digital and film-based photographer who examines her surroundings in her daily life to better understand how she fits into the world. She photographs along the boundaries of street photography and uses her perspective to approach other genres of photography as well. She is intrigued by the way ordinary people go about their lives and feels she can constantly learn and grow more through her experiences with her camera. Jessi is inspired by many photographers, Lee Friedlander, Robert Frank, Bruce Gildan, and Vivian Maier. Influenced by the way they went about illustrating their daily encounters for their audience. She was born and raised in South Florida but currently resides in Philadelphia while she finishes up her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography at University of the Arts. She faces obstacles with her mental health and uses photography as a coping mechanism as she searches the spaces outside of her apartment. She works towards becoming a photojournalist and becoming more comfortable with being uncomfortable. UArts has pushed her out of that comfort zone which made her grow as an artist and a person.

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