Jeremy Maas headshot

Game Art (BFA)
Scene from virtual-reality guided-meditation experience 'Prana' designed for ps4 by Jeremy Maas

Jeremy Maas, is co-founder of Big Bright Monster, a small company focused on immersive experiences and innovative applications of art technologies. He's the designer of various applications, games and experiences for clients in the greater Philadelphia area.

"We developed our own virtual reality guided-breathing and meditation experience, called Prana, for ps4," he says. "It uses audio input to detect proper breathing techniques, providing visual and auditory game feedback."  

Some of Jeremy's other work builds upon the ideas of immersion and voyeurism in the digital space by creating large-scale projection sculptures using real-time game engine technology.  

As for what he does in his spare time, Jeremy says he has a hobby that keeps him busy: "By nights I roam the city alleyways and fight crime." 

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