Portrait of former Photography student, Jamie Stow

BFA '20

Photography (BFA)

No matter if I’m working on my creative work or a client’s photoshoot, my goal is to document feelings and stories. The important part of my photographs is that the viewer can feel the emotions of my subjects.

Jamie Stow is a Philadelphia based photographer. She graduated from the University of the Arts in May 2020 with her BFA in photography. Much of her personal work focuses on queerness and identity.

A photograph of a young person looking through a car window with rain

She strives to tell the stories of the queer community whether that be her own or the stories of others. She has been working on her series entitled the The Queer Book since 2019 in which she photographs the community and pairs their portraits with short writings about their experiences.

Currently, she works as a freelance photographer for various local and national companies and enjoys photographing many different subjects. Some of these companies and studios includes UberEats, GrubHub, Enchanted Celebrations, Tolman Media, American Wedding Group, Yours Truly Media, Once Like a Spark, and George Street Photography, GreekYearbook, Shoott, and Zencare. In the past she has also photographed for DoorDash, Menufy, Trulia, and fashion influencers like Emmalyn Love. In addition, she also does photoshoots for her own company. She also enjoys photographing concerts and has shot for WXPN, Sad Punk Press, and IMPRINT Entertainment. She has also had her creative work published in various places including F-Stop Magazine, LoosenArt, and Newspaper Media Group.

A photograph of two people standing close to eachother, one person has their hand on the others' neck. A pond and park are in the background.
A photograph of a group performing on stage for a crowd. A man with a microphone is jumping up and members of the crowd hae their hands in the air.
An image of a couple wearing formal clothes, their noses are touching and flowers are visible in the foreground and background.


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