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Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (BS)

Imperfect music is the best music.

James Sleeman is a recording engineer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Neptune, NJ. His love for the art of recorded sound began when his first guitar teacher, Mark Farley, introduced him to Cubase and basic recording techniques. James started writing songs in late 2013 and has since co-wrote with numerous artists, including Tor Miller and Joe Parella (Deal Casino). In 2014, he visited Lakehouse Recording Studios and knew that the recording studio was the place for him. James has since interned and worked closely with the staff of Lakehouse Recording, learning the ins and outs of recording and the operations of a professional studio. During his time there, he has recorded two EPs and one album of original music, with the latter being recorded live on 2” tape. Since starting at UArts in 2018, he has worked with fellow students to bring their music to life, including Kennedy Shaw, Franny Zehmer and Ethan Rapp. The bulk of Kennedy Shaw’s newest EP, Mother of the Grave, was recorded at the newly opened Laurie Wagman Recording Studios and was finished remotely due to Covid-19. 

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