Portrait of former Photography Student, Hannah Fielo

BFA '21

Photography (BFA)

Within my work, I favor collaboration and community, and UArts gave me a great foundation for that. I learned a lot about how to work with others and will carry that with me throughout the rest of my career in the arts.

Text reads "How do I love?" and images of clouds and cigarette packs are collaged on top of graph paper with other abstract imagery.

Hannah Fielo is a multimedia artist working mostly in analog photography and collage. Hannah went to the University of the Arts where she received a BFA in Photography.

She has a background in film processing and printing and has been the head lab technician at Black Lab Imaging in Flemington, New Jersey for the last six years, where she started her photography journey. Hannah currently works at PhotoLounge in Philadelphia as the Head of Digitizing services.

With her fine art photography, Hannah takes a disconnected approach, shooting mostly scenes she sees on the street and in life, making the everyday seem exciting. She also works in the music industry and has been hired by musicians to shoot their process in the studio, shows, and tours, and has had photographs and collages used as album and EP covers.

Hannah is self-taught in the art of collage, and with that work, she uses found imagery as well as her own photographs. In these works, Hannah strives to deconstruct the world we live in and reconstruct new ones. Throughout her collages, Hannah targets themes of mental health and violence, as well as solitude and melancholy amongst a chaotic image.

A photograph of the exterior of an industrial building or garage. The outside of the building is very dark, the interior of the building can be seen through windows or openings.
A photograph of a person inside a car, the car door is slightly open. The background is a concrete wall.
A photograph of a tree with a sign that reads "Leave nothing but footprints." The sign appears to glow against a dark background of trees.

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