A headshot of Hannah Bohrer

BFA '21

Photography (BFA)

I want my work to cause people to stop, think and discuss issues that are often overlooked.

Born and raised in Bucks County, PA, Hannah is a photographer whose work focuses on portrait, documentary and fine art photography. After completing her associate’s degree at Bucks County Community College, she transferred to the University of the Arts to finish her BFA. Hannah creates stunning portraits that capture the individuality of her subjects. She has also worked with video and alternative processes to add to her projects. Storytelling is seen throughout her work as she uses photography to talk about difficult topics including grief and mental health. Some of the major influences in her photography are Sally Mann and Francesca Woodman. Hannah hopes to use her work to bring awareness to these difficult subjects to help others who are also dealing with them. Her current thesis work looks at people’s struggle with their mental health. Hannah’s personal struggles have been her motivation to create this project. She hopes to create work that stops the stigma of mental health and helps create an environment that talks more openly about these difficult issues. Hannah has had many incredible opportunities to see the world. She is interested in travel and hopes to share incredible stories from around the world.

Two children pose in front of a tree holding deer skulls in front of their faces.
Hannah Bohrer, "Innocence vs. Reality #2"


A female in a white dress sits in a chair slumped over a wooden trunk.
Hannah Bohrer, "Anxious Dream"


A female in a yellow dress sits in a field of yellow flowers.
Hannah Bohrer, untitled


An image of a female blowing a bubble with bubble gum is superimposed many times.
Hannah Bohrer, "Candyland"


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