a headshot of grant bouvier

BFA '16

Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (BS)

"Always pack extra cables and adapters and always be nice to people!

Grant Bouvier is a sound artist, music technologist and composer from Philadelphia. His art and research typically deals with DIY electronic music, instrument design, dead media formats and glitch art. Bouvier's other research topics include sonic aesthetics of postdigitalism, hauntology and minimalism. His favorite thing to do is to find lo-fi solutions to hi-fi problems, and he thinks its always best to build it (or break it) yourself. 

Grant received his BS from the University of the Arts in 2016 and his MFA from Brooklyn College in 2019. He was the winner of Red Bull's Hack the Hits 2017 and has released records with Illuminated Paths and independently since 2014. He has also participated in residencies at Signal Culture and The Watermill Center.