A headshot of Eden Blas '21 (Game Art)


Game Art (BFA)

My goal is to innovate the ways in which we interact with both reality and virtual spaces for the purpose of education, aesthetics and entertainment.

Hello, My name is Eden. I started at UArts in 2017, originally intending to major in Animation. However, this soon changed after taking Intro to Game Art at the end of my first year. I was always drawn to storytelling, often in the forms of animation, comics and video games. What I really enjoy about Game Art is that it takes the connection to a narrative and adds an even deeper element through interaction. Game design is all about the interaction of a player with the systems specifically designed for them. It was through learning these interactions that I began to expand my way of thinking about the world around me.

UArts is a university that has provided me a space to learn and grow through participating in various opportunities. I started to work at the university’s Center for Immersive Media in my junior year. In that position, I managed equipment, prepared for performance demonstrations and even traveled to the Sundance Film Festival to document exhibits. Through this experience I was able to learn more about motion capture and virtual reality as well as stepping into a professional role. One important takeaway that I’ve come to hold close during my time here is to always be seeking and willing to volunteer for new things.

Game art of a cabin in the woods with a moon on the roof and yellow lights in the yard. Art by Eden Blas '21 (Game Art).
There seems to be a mage who lives on the edge of the woods, "Mystic Cabin" by Eden Blas '21


Game art of a chimera with a lizard-like head, turtle shell body, and bat wings. Art by Eden Blas '21 (Game Art).
What happens when you mix a frog, goat, turtle, and bat? "Creepy Chimera" by Eden Blas '21




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