Destiny Williams '21

BFA '21

Photography (BFA)

Other than shooting mostly fashion and composed portraits, a lot of my work focuses on my connection and relationship with masculinity. I’m secure in my femininity but I also embrace my masculine traits and influences.

Boujee Mustard (AKA Destiny) is a 21-year-old photographer from Philadelphia, PA. Boujee started photographing events, weddings and banquets at the age of 14. Once she graduated high school in 2017, an interest in portraits and fashion began. Ever since then, Boujee has become known for series such as Thank You, a portrait series where she made a backdrop completely made out of "Thank You" bags, and FEARNONI**A, where she photographed a group of Black men and showcased the portraits in white spaces. In FEARNONI**A, she recreated a barbershop poster where it showcased different styles and poses of Black men, which received a huge response on Twitter. 

Boujee hopes to continue to expand in the area of fashion and fine art photography.

Hard as Malcom by Destiny Williams '21
Boujee Mustard, "Hard as Malcom"


"Clear" by Destiny Williams '21
Boujee Mustard, "Clear"


"Flyest Negro" by Destiny Williams '21
Boujee Mustard, "Flyest Negro"


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