Crafts Exposure 2021

The graduating Class of 2021 occupies a distinct position in UArts’ Craft program history.

As juniors in the spring 2020 semester, their typical creative practices were upended by the pandemic, and distance learning meant students lost access to professional amenities to facilitate their efforts.

Either with help from faculty and staff in their respective concentrations or by their own devices, most students managed to secure spaces in order to conduct their research.

A year’s experience with distance learning helped students make mature work, take risks, experiment, innovate and venture into areas they might not have tried otherwise. Their work has continued to evolve and thrive, regardless of the obstacles they faced. 

Each student has made excellent progress toward individuality, creating a body of work that’s unique in its perspective and vision. With an increased sense of personal responsibility, the Class of 2021 is truly prepared to begin their lives as independent young artists. UArts is proud of, and celebrates, their accomplishments.

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Izzie Ashley

Elena Gans-Pfister
Instagram @eganspfister

Dashawn McIntosh-Inniss
Instagram @_day215

Jingnan Cheng
Instagram @jessica_cjn

Leah Gingerich

Seungwon Yang
Instagram @t_o.ceramic

Emily Ernst

Samantha Gualtieri
Instagram @lookwhatsammade

Zaira Zarli
Instagram @zairazarli

Brandon Fisher
Instagram @brandonfishfisher

Gavin McCoy
Instagram @woodboimcoy