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BS '17

Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (BS)

The entertainment industry has a reputation of having to "get your foot in the door" or having to "know somebody" to get your first job. With every class I teach, I hope to break down any mystique of working in this industry and make it a more accessible environment for all. 

Courtney Passikoff is a Marketing Manager who works for Live Nation. She loves contributing to the success of live events and started teaching at the University of the Arts in Spring 2020 so she could inspire future event and brand marketers. Passikoff has worked for Fame House (UMG), the Recording Academy and started at Live Nation as an intern. 

Passikoff holds a certificate for Inclusive Teaching: Supporting All Students in the College Classroom from ColombiaX and volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology from University of the Arts. The university awarded her with Excellence in Business. 

In her free time, Passikoff enjoys learning languages, eating vegan food in different cities and watching Gilmore Girls and The Sopranos on repeat. 

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