Student Project

Product Design (MDes)


The symbolism of wine as Drink of Gods in ancient Roman and Greek mythologies triggered the main inspiration for this design. Clouds mythologically symbolize celestial mobility vessels for the Gods to travel between earth and heaven. Wine in the Cloud is the embodiment of those ancient mythologies. The beauty and the softness of the cloud are visually reflected through the curvatures of this classy wine rack.

Unique Properties/Project Description
The Cloud wine rack is made from walnut veneer and is designed in a modular form. Each module can accommodate up to three wine bottles. Modularity concept in our design provides consumers with limitless options, namely choosing the overall size of the wine rack and the arrangements that the modules can be assembled. Furthermore, multi-functionality concept is incorporated into the Cloud; each module is comprised of two attached curvy wood slabs, which can be dismantled easily. In the dismantled state, each slab can function as an appetizer plate.

The Cloud wine racks give consumers control over the size and the shape of their desired wine rack. The Cloud offers an artistic and creative experience to the consumers in order to come up with creative arrangements of the rack depending upon the geometry and the interior design of the space where the Cloud might be located.

Production/Realization Technology
CNC cutting Bending Wood Milling Metal Walnut Veneer Brass

Specifications/Technical Properties
H 85 x W 250 x L 330 mm

Wine Rack Bottle storage Appetizer Plate Modular Design

Research Abstract
The research started by a personal need for a wine rack that can be fit in a wide range of spaces, either small or large, and is in harmony with other elements of the surrounding space. The design product's dimension was 250 by 330 length and 85 mm hight. Modular design was set as the framework of the creation process and resulted in the multi-functional product that can easily be assembled and disassembled by consumers. The Cloud allows the consumer to arrange and set the final configuration of one’s wine rack, which could be fun and exciting, similar to the LEGO building experience. Finally, the mythological inspiration behind the Cloud gives philosophical depth to this luxury and beautiful product.

The project was started in response to three major challenges that were imperative for us. First, contemporary lifestyle requires better management of the space and the interior elements. Second, to let the consumers be part of the creation process. And third, our product should tell a mythological/philosophical story, considering the significance of wine since ancient times. In the end, we believe that the Cloud wine rack addressed all these three concerns.

A' Design Award Winner
In 2019, Elmira Deldari won the Bronze A' Design Award in the Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Category for her project Cloud Wine Holder with team member and UArts alumni, Nhi Ton, MDes ’19.