Asia Blackshear


Illustration (BFA)

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Pixie Forest, an illustration by Asia Blackshear


Hello, my name is Asia Simone Blackshear. Like many artists, I’ve been drawing my entire life. I attended CHAD (Charter High School of Architecture and Design) which prepared me to think as a designer before beginning my foundations as an artist at UArts. Cartoons have always been my first love and are what I set out to do when I came to UArts. My art is colorful, bold, and decorative. I love filling up pages with as many bright and fun colors as I can, bringing life and joy to my worlds. I love to implement patterns everywhere from the hair of my characters to the trees in my background. However, my ultimate goal is to tell stories that are fun and inspire youthful curiosity while bringing new and commonly unheard voices to the forefront. As a story artist, my experiences strongly influence how my stories, regardless of how fantastical, reflect our world—an important trait that determines their relatability. I have met people from all walks of life at UArts and have had the privilege to humble myself and truly learn about others around me with different perspectives. This allowed me to become more empathetic and my art is only better for it.

Gardening elements in the Kingdom of Fae, an illustration by Asia Blackshear
Mama Moon, an illustration by Asia Blackshear
Shopping District, an illustration by Asia Blackshear

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