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Alumni Council

The Alumni Council represents all alumni to UArts leadership and provides essential feedback and insights. The council also supports UArts’ engagement initiatives, in order to promote alumni networking, new student enrollment, institutional giving and more.


Alumni Council member expectations

  • Be a graduate of University of the Arts. 

  • Serve one two-year term. After completion of a term of service, members may opt in to an additional two years.

  • Participate in at least 70% of all alumni-related events each year.

  • Attend two on-campus meetings per year (in the fall and spring semesters) and participate in bimonthly conference calls.

  • Serve on one committee to support alumni engagement initiatives and attend monthly committee meetings.

  • Serve as an advocate for University of the Arts.

  • Be an active donor to University of the Arts.

Current council members

  • Ilona Ahearn BM ’00 (Voice)

  • Elliot Baum BS ’95 (Industrial Design)

  • David Bollar BFA '95 (Theater)

  • Jay Bowden BFA '90 (Ceramics)

  • Christine Braun BFA '97 (Sculpture)

  • Claire Brown MAT '92 (Art Education)

  • Erin Condron BFA'00 (Writing for Film and Television)

  • David De Cristofaro BS '17 (MBET)

  • Bethany Franz MAT '04 (Visual Arts)

  • Cindy Ann Ganaden BFA '90 (Ceramics)

  • Dana Grabski BFA '21 (Graphic Design)

  • Geoff Kershner BFA ’00 (Acting)

  • Seth Kramer BFA ’96 (Film)

  • Candace Moore BFA '16 (Acting)

  • Abby Morris BFA '19 (Theater)

  • Cheryl Mitchell BFA '83 (Graphic Design)

  • Zoe Nowoslawski BFA '20 (Animation)

  • Dorothy Oge BFA '03 (Graphic Design)

  • Jean Plough BFA '70 (Painting)

  • Caitlin Riggsbee BFA ’17 (Film & Video)

  • Dr. Crystal Samuels BFA '07 (Film)

  • George Schwab BFA ’08 (Graphic Design)

  • Seth Schwartz BFA '06 (Applied Theater Arts)

  • Cory Seals '22 BFA (Vocal Performance)

  • Eric Shelton BFA ’14 (Graphic Design)

  • Phillip Simon BFA '78 (Printmaking)

  • Lina Stephens MFA '02 (Museum Exhibition Planning & Design)

  • Laurin Talese BM ’04 (Voice)

  • Sophie Tibiletti BFA ’17 (Dance)

  • German Vasquez BFA '20 (Photography)

  • Gail Weiss BFA '72 (Crafts)

  • Michelle Wurtz BFA '90 (Dance)


Questions? Contact alumni@uarts.edu.