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Polyphone 2019 | An Incomplete List of All The Things I’m Going To Miss When The World Is No Longer:

VENUE: Wilma Theater

DATES & TIMES: February 27 at 8pm, March 1 at 8pm, March 2 at 11a

By Dante Green With Additional Music & Lyrics by Marlee Gordon and Lyell Hintz

Director: Garrett Allen

Music Director: Dante Green

Choreographer: Shavon Norris

Dramaturg: Amy Dugas-Brown

Following a global announcement of the date and time all life on Earth will be terminated, a group of friends decide the only reasonable thing to do is throw one more rager. An Incomplete List… invites you to the last shit show of the year to celebrate and mourn the delights and deceptions of the human experience. We’ve all been through our own special kind of nightmare, so we figured what better way to go out but with a bang. Come as you are and take what you will, cause when it’s over, it’s over.

Polyphone 2019 | Bring the Beat Back

VENUE: Arts Bank Theater

DATES & TIMES: February 26 at 8pm, February 28 at 8pm, March 2 at 8pm

Derek Lee McPhatter – Book Writer / Lyricist

Germono Toussaint – Composer / Arranger

Director: Christopher Burris

Music Director: Dionne McClain-Freeney

Choreographer: Shanel Edwards

BRING THE BEAT BACK is a queer, black, sci-fi, music-theatre experience. The show follows a young man struggling to reconcile his sexuality with his faith. Our hero journeys towards self- acceptance and affirming spirituality as conservative religious authorities and a queer subculture clash over music at the center of his world. Set in a futuristic, groove-centered alternative reality, Bring the Beat Back is inspired by urban gay “ball culture,” the evolution of house music and the rich Afro-futurist tradition in popular culture.

Polyphone 2019 | Hart Island Requiem

VENUE: Arts Bank Theater

DATES & TIMES: February 27 at 8pm, March 1 at 8pm, March 2 at 2pm

Book and Lyrics by Ty Defoe Music by Tidtaya Sinutoke

Director: Eva Steinmetz

Music Directors: Dorie Byrne and Tidtaya Sinutoke

Dramaturg: Katie Donovan

HART ISLAND REQUIEM is an investigative, immersive musical theatre piece inspired by Hart Island – the United States’ most documented potter’s field. Located in the Bronx, an estimated one million people have been buried there, from 1869 to the present day. In this musical, the undocumented, impoverished, and forgotten dead gather at an abandoned theme park to remember their life and death. Hart Island Requiem asks what happens to these souls when they are unable to rest in peace in America?


VENUE: Wilma Theater

DATES & TIMES: February 26 at 8pm, February 28 at 8pm, March 2 at 5pm

Book & Lyrics by Maggie-Kate Coleman Music by Erato A. Kremmyda

Conceived and Created by Maggie-Kate Coleman, Erato A. Kremmyda, and Sam Pinkleton

Director and Choreographer: Sam Pinkleton

Music Director Pax Ressler

MARIE IN TOMORROW LAND is a musical collage in which Marie Curie journeys through the remains of a Chernobyl-inspired theme park and encounters much of humanity’s troubled history with radioactivity along the way. Featuring a cast of 30+ womxn playing a kaleidoscope of Marie Curies, the piece explores the intersections between science and art, women and history, kitsch and terror, and the impact and aftermath of our radioactive existence.