Celebrate with us!

 When is UArts Day? 
October 5, 2018.

 What is UArts Day? 
UArts Day is a campus-wide celebration and challenge that builds community, expands our connections to Philadelphia and strengthens the creative and professional skills of our students. In 2017, more than 30 alumni and 18 community partners worked with us connecting our students to creative Philadelphia. 

 What happens on UArts Day? 
Students engage in city-orienting and professional practice events. This years events for students include:

  • The Great Race (first-year students) | A line-up of more than 70 city-wide challenges exclusively for new first year students
  • Inside Out Sessions (upper-class students) | A series of workshops, field trips and engagements exclusively for upper-class students

Programs range from “Let's Talk Art + Money”, acting studios, to one of the many site visits in Philadelphia or beyond. UArts Day delivers exceptional content, and has become a university-wide affair, with university-wide support and participation.

The day culminates in a UArts Day Celebration & Block Party.

 Who is UArts Day for? 
UArts Day is for all students, faculty, staff and alumni. We also welcome community partners. 

 I'm an alum - how can I get involved? 
We invite interested alumni to host a Meet-Up Challenge, which allows for students to meet successful alumni throughout Philadelphia. Meet-Ups can take a variety of formats from drop-in studio visits and facility tours, to informal meet-and-greets at sites of relevance throughout the city. Meet-Ups provide our students with the opportunity to meet successful alum face-to-face while also visiting a new venue, cultural site or part of the city. Interested? Use the form below or email us at uartsday@uarts.edu.

 I'm a community partner - how can I get involved? 
In 2017, we partnered with creative organizations like the American Poetry Review, Quirk Publishing, and the Ritz Theaters that hosted our students for site-visits and Meet-Up Challenges. We also worked with 5 food trucks for our block party celebration. If you're interested in partnering to host our students, or are interested in sponsoring a component of our celebration, we would love to hear from you. Use the form below or email us at uartsday@uarts.edu.