A photo of Tom Hedden holding a guitar.

Music - Composition (BM)

Tom Hedden, who joined the Composition Department Faculty at UArts in the fall of 2019, is best known for his tenure with NFL Films, during which he penned music for numerous series and specials, including five Emmy-winning scores. Many orchestras including The San Francisco Symphony, The Cleveland Pops, The Philadelphia Orchestra and The Houston Symphony have performed his work. 

In 2009, Tom left the NFL to form Hedden Music LLC, expanding his creative opportunities and composing for documentaries and feature films. He still remains a mainstay in the sports world, being featured in the NFL and NASCAR halls of fame; arenas and stadiums for the NBA, NFL and Big East; television themes for the SEC and World Poker Tour; series composer for Amazon Prime and Golf Channel; radio themes for NPR; and video games for EA. Tom has also enjoyed extensive success in advertising, writing music for Reebok, Alltel, Exxon, Coca Cola, Carmex, Subaru and GMC, among others. Notable placements for Hedden’s extensive library offerings include films like The Waterboy and Little Children, and television programs as diverse as The Daily Show and SpongeBob SquarePants

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