A surreal, mirrored image of Anjaneya Cole


Sculpture (BFA in Fine Arts)

Creation is my divine power.

My whole life, I’ve known that I would pursue art as a career. Being in the Sculpture emphasis in the Fine Arts (BFA) program at UArts has allowed me to express myself creatively in ways I wasn’t able to do in a high school setting. I’m a multimedia artist. Most of my work stems from spirituality, dreams and personal experiences. I really enjoy experimenting with new styles and materials. One of my favorite things about being on campus is my studio. It’s a large open space that I spend most of my free time in. Also, being in Center City is a great source for inspiration—I often find myself getting ideas just walking up and down Broad street. Being at UArts has also allowed me to meet a lot of truly talented people, both professors and students. This environment encourages collaboration and is a positive place to find yourself while you become who you’re meant to be. I’m very excited to continue my journey with spiritual growth and develop my artistic skills at UArts.

A sculpture of a circular figure with an eye, horns, hair and feet by Anjaneya Cole

Untitled, collaboration steel piece by Anjaneya and Gage Ramos '24 (Sculpture)


A sculpture by Anjaneya that resembles ice and branches

“Welded to Mother Earth” by Anjaneya


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