Director, Creative Arts Therapy
Adjunct Professor, Graduate Studies

MA, Drexel University
BFA, University of the Arts

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Graduate & Professional Studies

In this new role, I have been building and developing a collaborative, strength-based and inclusive minor program that will offer students the opportunity to explore creative arts therapies, enhance critical problem-solving abilities, help build relationship skills and to deepen creative-expressive processes. So many possibilities!


Natasha Goldstein-Levitas ’00 (Dance Education) is thrilled to return to her alma mater as director of the Creative Arts Therapy Minor program. As a proud alum and former Alumni Council Chair and member, Goldstein-Levitas first learned about the field of dance/movement therapy at University of the Arts, which is also where she met her husband, Josh. She is convinced that all things are possible at UArts.


Natasha Goldstein-Levitas is a board-certified dance/movement therapist and an aging, dementia and care partner advocate. She has two decades of clinical experience working primarily with older adults, individuals living with dementia and their care partners across various cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. Goldstein-Levitas uses a person-centered, movement and sensory hybrid approach, to help connect and engage.

Her professional history includes healthcare administration, adjunct instruction, community-wide therapeutic program development, care partner training, dance/movement therapy (DMT) clinical supervision and research involvement, aging and dementia workshops, and DMT and therapeutic engagement sessions. Goldstein-Levitas has presented her work and approach at various healthcare, aging and dementia conferences and communities, including

  • the Alzheimer’s Association,
  • Memory Care Forum, 
  • LeadingAge Meeting EXPO, and 
  • Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions (where she is also an alum and currently serves as a practicum seminar instructor in the Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling program). 

Goldstein-Levitas is also a published author on topics related to her work and a member of the National Institute for Dementia Education Standards of Excellence Council.


Goldstein-Levitas has two decades of clinical experience working primarily with older adults, individuals living with dementia and their care partners across various cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. She continues to look for ways to help strengthen connections within these relationships, empower these individuals, and encourage self-expression and creativity. 

Goldstein-Levitas offers therapeutic movement experiences; creative suggestions for support and empowerment; and therapeutic, evidence-based recommendations to help communities, individuals and their care partners navigate life changes and move toward wellness.

Her professional history and current work include:

  • DMT clinical supervision and adjunct instruction;
  • community-wide therapeutic program development (current) and healthcare administration (previous);
  • clinical research collaboration: interventionist and session manual development support;
  • care partner training;
  • aging and dementia presentations; and 
  • DMT and therapeutic engagement sessions.

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