A headshot of Savannah Reich against a wood-paneled background

Screenwriting (BFA)

Savannah Reich is a playwright and screenwriter based in Philadelphia.

Savannah Reich is a playwright and screenwriter based in Philadelphia who was introduced to screenwriting as an MFA student in Dramatic Writing at Carnegie Mellon, where her first full-length feature was the winner of the national Sloan Student Grand Jury Prize. Reich’s short film, Men Among Men, was awarded the Bill Murray Best Comedy Short award at the Twin Cities Film Festival in 2020 in a contest judged by Murray himself.

Reich is currently at work on a trilogy of feminist Western shorts, the second of which, Standoff, is currently in postproduction. She was a 2020/21 McKnight Fellow at the Playwrights Center and has been awarded residencies at Tofte Lake Arts Center, Ely, Minnesota, and MASS MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts.

“I’m not interested in teaching students how to write like I write, or even like the writers I admire. My job is to help students discover what they want to write—and then to challenge them to write the most excellent version of it that they possibly can.”