A closeup of Trish Maunder in a black tee shirt and standing on a street

Art Education (BFA & MAT)

Trish Maunder is an adjunct lecturer in the Art and Design Education program at University of the Arts, where she teaches about art and inclusionary practices to students in Master’s programs in Art Education, Museum Studies, and Museum Exhibition Planning and Design.


Trish Maunder is an accessible program designer and consultant for museums and art institutions. She is founder and creative director of Philly Touch Tours (PTT), an organization that promotes inclusion and accommodations for people with vision loss in Philadelphia and the surrounding area’s cultural life through carefully designed sensory programs and tours. PTT also conducts sensitivity training and experiential workshops for museum staff, museum education students, artists and teachers. Maunder is also a board member of the Philadelphia chapter of Access Now Inc., an organization that promotes access for individuals with disabilities in all public accommodations, including art and cultural institutions and to create accessible programs and exhibits.


  • Maunder has been working as an art educator and museum professional for over 30 years.

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Awards & Accolades

Maunder has been recognized for her work with 

  • an Art-Reach Cultural Access Award (2014) and 

  • Aa Mae Davidow Community Service Award (2014).

Diversity and inclusion are the real grounds for creativity and must remain at the center of all that we do.

A large group of students wearing brightly colored hats in a cheerful classroom
A visually impaired person in a blue shirt and tortoise shell glasses touching a sculptured marble bust
A museum visitor interacts with art through Trish Maunder’s Philly Touch Tours.