Noelani Montas '22 (Theater Design & Technology)


Theater Design & Technology (BFA)

Transferring to UArts has been the most rewarding decision in my college experience. I am so happy to be at a place that encourages individuality, creativity and excellence in our craft!

I was excited about coming to UArts and the Theater Design & Technology program because they both put an emphasis on expanding your interests and learning as much as possible about anything that excites you. The resources at this school—which include highly experienced faculty, access to professional organizations in the city, smaller class sizes and available class materials—really make it easy to connect with like-minded students and professionals, and to practice the art that makes us happy. I came to this university excited about set design, but I have also found new interests in lighting design, stage management and production design, while taking dance and music courses and opportunities outside of my major. I’m so excited to continue my education in this program and I can’t wait to see the things we create at this school and beyond.