headshot of lillie cirino


Creative Writing (BFA)

I am a writer and a storyteller. The two are very different, like apples to bananas. I love carbonated drinks and city lights. I crave new experiences and achieve them through my writing.

I enjoy exploring the complexities of relationships, often portraying them through memories or the inner workings of the body. I write literature everyone can see themselves in, but specifically young adult Black women who are often overlooked in creative spaces


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Read a poem by Lillie:


I wanted to wait until the morning to understand how we got here. Tangled, body splayed out underneath me, tight grip to save what I can.

I’ve never seen you this way before. In my head you’re much farther than usual and your skin doesn’t have the texture of fresh sourdough. I avert contact with the creamy white of your eyes. My knee slips. Your mouth opens like a sonata. Slow and with tact. I feel your body mold into mine trying to figure out what my next move will be. I ghost the shell of your ear. Your skin rises further into my grasp.

And away we go, many floors below this one, into a realm we could never reach without each other.