headshot of rachael miller against a background of artworks on a wall. rachael has long curly golden hair and round glasses

BFA ’20

Graphic Design (BFA)

Hungarian American Rachael Nagy Miller grew up in Sewell, New Jersey, in a creative household and made her own notebooks and sketchbooks with pieces of paper, a stapler and scraps of vinyl. Through the creative influence of her mother and teachers, Rachael’s deep appreciation for lettering and calligraphy developed into a passion for letterforms. In the UArts Graphic Design program, her love of typography became a focus informing all of her studies. Her capstone project, Gothic Bastard, was an exhaustive and entertaining look at the many manifestations and uses of blackletter type. Rachael’s professors fully supported her typographic obsession and encouraged her to enroll in the Type@Cooper Extended Program, which she completed during her final year at UArts. She now does custom lettering and type design as part of her current job at Memo Productions in Brooklyn, New York.