black and white portrait of mia Elise Paltrow-Murray with a curly banged black mullet and a white top. mia's left arm is covered in tattoos. mia has a sly smile and sharp eyebrows

BFA ’20

Graphic Design (BFA)

A second generation Ecuadorian American, Mia is a Philadelphian and the first in her family to graduate from college. Her creative path at University of the Arts embraced her many talents and personal attributes including synesthesia, a passion for screen printing and a deep love of film photography. At UArts, she unlocked the realms of color theory, minored in Printmaking and took Photography classes, all of which provided both the tools for and understanding of the media she uses to this day. Working in different processes and formats gave her the space to discover where she wanted to land in her career, and her current position as a designer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art rolls all of her favorite things into one job. Mia’s daily work encompasses a wide range of media, including exhibition design, printed material and branding.