headshot of aki wakayama wearing a pink polo shirt and black glasses, smiling against a springtime park background with pink cherry blossoms bursting from trees in the background.

(He/him); UPenn Counseling and Mental Health Services

Aki Wakayama is from Tokyo, Japan, and graduated from Knox College with a degree in Business and Management in 2022.

He is currently in the Professional Counseling program at the University of Pennsylvania and is in training at the UArts Counseling Center. As an international student and someone who had a career change, he relates to the excitement and challenges associated with life transitions of any form. Aki is excited to work with clients of all backgrounds and identities and has experience working with topics such as relationship concerns, identity development, acculturation, minority stress, career decisions, and more. Aki utilizes an integrated approach of Person-Centered Therapy and Liberation Psychology in which each client is unconditionally accepted for who they are and the therapist helps clients tap into their own ability to grow and achieve their potential. As an important part of therapy and healing, each individual’s intersectionality of identities is valued and respected.