headshot of catherine dawton on a beach at sunset


Expanded Drawing & Print Media (BFA in Fine Arts)

Going to University of the Arts has truly opened my eyes to new ways of doing artwork. To all those that follow this path, just remember that to share your art with others, you first must find the inspiration within yourself.

Catherine Dawton have been in Philadelphia for her whole life. Before attending University of the Arts she danced for ten years of her life. Because of this, dance has affected her artwork tremendously. Since joining the Drawing + Print Media Major it has really opened her mind to new ways of making artwork, whether that be lithography, linoleum cuts, wood cuts, screen printing, letterpress, or digital artwork. She is now working on a new series of artwork about being dyslexic. She is using the free motion embroidery foot on the sewing machine to write down everything she feels relates to being dyslexic. Attached

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screenprint by catherine dawton depicting a white circle filled with clock faces on a magenta and green background. poetry is written across it primarily in green and midnights is written at the bottom in white like a title
an artwork by catherine dawton consisting of words embroidered in a jumbled fashion on fabric in black thread