zak parsons operating a silk screen


Expanded Drawing & Print Media (BFA in Fine Arts)

Zak is the founder, owner, and operator of Four Finger Press (FFP), a small contemporary screen printing studio, located in Philadelphia, PA. FFP provides quality hand-pulled screenprint editions for artists, designers, illustrators, and collectors.

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My name is Zak Parsons. I've been involved in printmaking for most of my life, learning the basics from my dad at a very young age. Around 2016 I moved my focus from apparel printing to works on paper. I started the current ideation of Four Finger Press while living in New Orleans, LA (2017-22).

I enjoy this medium for the collaborative, problem solving approach that makes every project its own unique and exciting challenge. Being able to have a studio where I can work with artists as well as my own projects, allows me to bring new ideas into the creation of the artists' editions as well as my own.

In my most recent personal work, I've been experimenting with using vintage marquee zip track letters, as film positives to create a pseudo letterpress with the screenprinting medium.

I'm looking forward to continuing FFP and my printmaking practice in Philadelphia.

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artwork by zak parsons, held aloft by Zak from behind large sheets printed with letterboard style phrases