headshot of meg meehan in black and white at a seeing machine with messy long dark hair over a black hoodie with black nail polish


Expanded Drawing & Print Media (BFA in Fine Arts)

Meg Meehan is an interdisciplinary artist currently living in Philadelphia. Using different processes such as printmaking, illustration, embroidery, sewing, and archiving, she explores ideas of time, mark making, identity, reminiscing, nature, and memory. Her work consists of constant iteration through layers of collected prints, drawings, text, and/or photos, on things like fabric, paper, wood, and other found materials. Building new compositions, forms, shapes, and textures through all of this, she believes drawings and the “line” can be conveyed through materials other than just the traditional pen.”

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Meg Meehan's artwork consisting of a black scaffolded stand with three white garments hanging from the cross bar, each embroidered and printed with cryptic textural black designs