headshot of Timothy Potts, pictured wearing a black and red checkered collared shirt against a background of a tree in a lush garden. timothy is smiling, and has dark blond hair swept to the side.

Art Education (MAT)

Timothy is the recipient of the Clyde M. McGeary Scholarship by the Pennsylvania Art Education Association.

I'm an art education student who discovered a love for teaching while working at my first job after finishing my undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts. I had worked as an assistant technician in the wood and metal shop for the University of the Arts. One thing that I would do in my job was to help students operate and teach them how to use the heavier equipment as well as give advice on materials. Whenever I would do this I found great joy and it made me feel fulfilled. This led me to think about what I wanted to do next with my life. I had thought back to my time in high school learning how to work with clay and being challenged by my teacher to explore the possibilities of what I could create in art. When the pandemic had started, I decided to take the next step and begin the journey of becoming an art teacher so I can inspire students the way I was inspired.

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