portrait of Aarin Wilson. She has shoulder0length red hair, black round glasses, a small septum ring and is wearing striped overalls. sunlight is illuminating her hair from the left.


Expanded Drawing & Print Media (BFA in Fine Arts)

Allow yourself to branch out about what you don't know, let yourself ask the "dumb" questions because it may change the entire way you view something. I took printmaking without a clue to what it had to offer, after my questions and experiences, I couldn't imagine my art without it.

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Aarin R. Wilson Is a drawing and print media artist from Philadelphia, PA, who is a senior at The University of The Arts. She explores the expression of emotion through various media and color in her prints and marks on paper. Her works are self identified as romanticized sadness, creating appealing imagery to express personal hardships, with intent to reach out and connect with her audience. While attending The University of The Arts, Wilson has received The Dean's Award for Artistic Merit and an Academic Achievement award, along with nominations for competitive artist residencies such as Yale Norfolk School of Art in December of 2021. Furthermore, in May of 2021, Aarin Wilson exhibited imagery in the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery for the “We Are School of Art '' project, projected to the public on Broad Street and her print Lantern Garden received publication in the spring 2021 issue of the Underground Pool. Many of Wilson’s artworks have been selected by staff at the University to hang in display cases around the Anderson building from 2019 to present day. With her support from teachers within the program she was capable of achieving many of these accomplishments remarkably before graduating with her MFA. Even outside of the program she has found the University of The Arts allowed her to branch out to others attending the school to pursue her art and widen her artistic presence. These opportunities allowed her to find patrons of her work and continued participation at art sales around philadelphia with much success. Aarin plans to further her practice by experimenting with media and expanding her artistic presence in the community.


a papery disc with overlayed images of a nude body. the overlaid images fade into the background.
"Perishable", hand bound and screen printed imagery on food grade spring roll paper.


an adult and a child sit next to each other and look at one another in an image rendered with a colored pencil texture
"Mother and Son" CMYK Print


an etching of a child pointing into a doorway where a nude person without hair floats with arms at their side. the image is black, with details appearing as orange strokes
"Woman in the Doorway" Polymer intaglio Print