photo of mary gilbert-zyats, sitting square to the viewer but looking right in profile. her hair is long and red and she is wearing a pink-orange shawl.

BFA '22

Expanded Drawing & Print Media (BFA in Fine Arts)

“If you are interested in learning from the best fine artists in the community, UArts is the place for you. Your teachers are the smartest connections you can make as a young artist, and they are always going to look out for your best interests.”

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Mary is a Philadelphia-based visual and performing artist. She is a senior in the fine arts program at UArts; pursuing a BFA with an emphasis in Printmaking. She has exhibited in student-based exhibitions such as Here I Am, Gershman Chapel; as well as an exhibition for select scholarship recipients. She has taken courses both at the University of the Arts, Yale University, and recently returned from studying abroad at the Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy. She continues to study at the University of the Arts in her last semester. Her time in the fine arts, crafts, and music programs have given her a wealth of knowledge into a variety of different artistic fields, regardless of her chosen major, something that most other universities would not have entertained. The connections Mary has made in the city of Philadelphia, as well as the university itself, will last a lifetime. Being in a hub of such artistic achievement gives rise to wonderful opportunities and creations for any student, artist, or otherwise.

a block-printed piece depicting a hollow ribcage and spine with all intestines coiled below, rendered in a cartoony quality with cross-thatched and stripy textures
“Tummyache” 12”x 18” Linoleum print (Fall 2019)


and artwork depicting roman-like states drawn in pencil in the fold of an ink-stained book.
"Subtle" 5.5"x 7" Gouache & graphite painting (Spring 2022)


a two dollar bill edited so that a scene of the founding fathers has all of the men depicted with orange cheeks and colorful spotted lanternfly wings. From the bottom of the bill, four spotted lanternfly wings hang from rings punched into the paper.
“The Founding Fathers were an Invasive Species, No. 2" Oil paint, spotted lantern flies, & thread on $2 bill (Fall 2020)