headshot of Nevaeh Ryals, with slim gold glasses, lark sparkling hoop earrings, and a glittering butterfly pendant on a small chain. Nevaeh is posed against a bright clear blue sky


Fine Arts (BFA)

Nevaeh Ryals is a student of Philadelphia's University of the Arts and Fine Arts program, with a concentration in Painting. As a young child, drawing became her habit. Through such a young experience, she passionately attended art class and managed to participate in Perkiomen Valley High School AP Art class. Nevaeh was a multitasker in singing, dancing, performing and baking. However, she found her way to use her artistic abilities thanks to her family. With guidance from her close ones, she focuses her art on family heritage and African-American beauty. She takes advantage of any possibilities, no matter the challenge set forth.

As a UArts student, she enjoys using diverse painting materials, the multi-medium given to her, and the helpful lessons she listens to from her professors to guide her art.  Nevaeh credits her professor with playing a vital roles in strengthening her development as a Fine Arts Painting major.

Being an artist can be hard, but only if you doubt your creativeness. To challenge yourself, will allow you to open doors for greater possibilities that fit your style. Adjusting your palette, gives you the self-trust that you need in your artistic life. Moving forward, allows yourself to present the impossible that needs to be heard.

painting by nevaeh ryals of a person in a blue, patterned dress lying down in a dream-like jungle scene, with several panthers approaching the lying person. one panther in the background is yawning, with a long tongue hanging out of its mouth
painting by nevaeh ryals, depicting a person in an ornate patterned jacket top with large gold hoop earrings and very elaborate hair styling, featuring large hoops of black hair in intersecting rings
painting by nevaeh rylas depicting a stylized image of a person in a hoodie with their hand outstretched towards the viewer. the image has a slightly distressed energy and is depicted in shadowy blue colors.