Amanda Farese - counseling intern

(She/They); Jefferson University Community & Trauma Counseling, concentration in Art Therapy

Amanda Farese is pursuing an MS in Trauma & Community Counseling with art therapy specialization at Jefferson University. They previously completed their undergrad in Psychology at Rowan University. They have worked in the mental health field for 5 years and also an Artist in illustration/painting, having 5 years of experience working in the Art industry.
Amanda specializes in how trauma impacts us as a whole, utilizing integrative approaches to work on healing trauma and how it impacts our mind-body connection.

Working from a multi-cultural, person-centered approach, using talk therapy with art therapy techniques to help when words aren’t enough. Their main focus is to help clients find coping tools to get through life stressors individualized to align with each clients' needs, to help reach better wellness and feel closer to your authentic self.
Some areas of focus: chronic stress, complex trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, marginalized communities, LGBTQIA affirming, immigration, chronic pain, identity exploration, relational challenges, family dynamic, borderline personality disorder, bipolar.