Portrait of Logan Smith in protective gear while working on sculpture. Smith is holding a corkscrew-like tool, is wearing a yellow apron, and has a visor on head


Fine Arts (BFA)

Art was something that more or less snuck up on me when I thought of it as a career, I grew up around it and have always been drawn to it, and I only made the connection to want to do it pretty late into High School. I have been a blacksmith for around 6 years at this point, and being a Sculptor major allows me to pursue that in many different ways than I used to be able to. I have been making what I would call functional art all my life, and being a sculptor allows me to broaden those horizons and start to learn how to bring form and meaning into my work outside. I'm from California in a small town nestled in the mountains and was called to UArts to try to be somewhere the opposite of where I lived and grew up, I think that being at UArts I've started to see a different world than small rural town California, and I very much needed that.

I'm excited and want to strive to know what it means to become an artist! UArts feels like one of the few places that can help me achieve that in the best way possible.

sculpture by Logan Smith consisting brass-y metal skull. it is depicted at the top resting in flames, in the middle on the ground with a greenish patina, and at the bottom in tall green grass and polished to a bright golden hue.