photo of lola smith. smith is wearing a dark grey knit sweater and has a yellow and pink scarf tucked into the sweater


Fine Arts (BFA)

Lola C Smith is entering her third year of college and her second year at University of the Arts. She grew up in central Vermont until middle school when her family moved across the country to New Orleans, Louisiana, the city she now calls home. Lola started her career at UArts within the Expanded Drawing and Print Media major before coming to realize and pursue her passion for sculpture. In her art, she is interested in reflecting the way she sees the world through representation and abstraction. She is not attached to one method, medium, or practice, and is still exploring what her art means to her as she hones in on the characteristics of her personal style. Outside of her practice of fine arts, Lola is a musician and music lover, and an appreciator of good company, and cooking and eating good food. University of the Arts Fine Arts department is serving as a good place for Lola to develop and grow in her creativity without limiting her outlets.

Studying Fine Arts here has allowed me to explore my identity in art without limiting myself to one medium or style. With that allowance I’ve been able to push myself to pursue my passion for sculpture, and since then my love of physical-art-making has grown so much, so fast!”

sculpture by lola smith. a clay head is shown at 3:4 angle with a slight frown and wavy hair tied back


painting by lola smith depicting a person with long hair and an orange shirt napping on a green table in front of an open book


sculpture by lola smith. two spindly, surreal hands with large bulbs at the end of each finger, like papier mache frog hands.