picture of keshawna logan wearing a stripped turtleneck and with a large dangling circular gold earring


Fine Arts (BFA)

Keshawna Logan is a Painter and screen printer from Philadelphia Pennsylvania who is a Junior at the University of the Arts. She is interested in large-scale oil paintings, Screen printing, and mixed media projects. Her work is influenced by artists such as Wangechi Mutu and Mickalene Thomas because of their elaborate use of color and collage and their abstract interpretation of environmental spaces. Logan’s pieces often address personal experiences that can relate to wider societal issues such as sexism and mental stability. Her most recent pieces use modeling paste to add texture to her surface and printmaking to create patterns in the future she plans to continue exhibitions and pursue a Masters's degree in degree painting.

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painting by Keshawna Logan depicting a stern looking child in a leafy garden



a textured, painted pattern by keshawna logan, featuring a gradient from top to bottom of orange, white, and turquoise with a quality of cracked pain, depicting leaning almost cherub-like figures